About Us

Susan is married and has two young children. Having completed a Masters degree at Canterbury University and working subsequently, Susan felt an increasing desire to find work within her passion; dogs and their behaviour. After travelling overseas, Susan then trained with Zeus at Christchurch Polytechnic and attained a National Certificate in Animal Training. She then moved on to the local SPCA where she gained experience working with a huge number of different dogs which proved invaluable to her career. Work at a veterinary clinic followed as did a qualification in Veterinary Nursing where she achieved top honours in her class. It was in the gap between SPCA and the vet clinic that Petiquette Animal Behaviour was born.

Petiquette Animal Behaviour was conceived in 2003 as a direct result of the need for additional dog training services in Christchurch, our nearest city. Following an extensive training course and a year’s expereince with all sorts of dogs at the local SPCA, Susan embarked on a journey of discovery which has shaped and molded the company into what it has become today.

Some years ago Susan was given a copy of “The Dog Listener” written by Jan Fennell and suddenly many questions that had previously gone unanswered had seemingly obvious answers. Susan and her husband began implementing some of Jan’s revolutionary techniques on their own dog, Zeus. This was the start of an amazing journey of discovery of the wonders of true Canine Communication. Following attendance at two of Jan’s courses, held in New Zealand, Susan is now a fully qualified Dog Listener, and one of a hand selected group of individuals accredited to teach this amazing method of communication to all dog owners.

Susan works independently from all other companies and has chosen to remain independent so that you can be sure that the advice you are receiving is not influenced by any third party. Contacting Petiquette means that you are not only accessing Susan’s wealth of knowledge on dog behaviour but that her advice is specifically tailored to you and your individual needs.