Puppy Classes

Puppy School Graduates

Puppy schools are conducted by Susan in conjunction with the Hornby Veterinary Centre in Hornby, Christchurch. This is a purpose-built course and is run independently from any other company, which is a unique oft his course.

Class size is limited to five puppies per course and we accept puppies between 10 and 20 weeks of age. All puppies must have started their vaccination course, but because we hold classes inside the clinic they can start classes before completing the course of injections. Evidence of vaccinations may be required.

During your course your puppy will learn some basic training such as come, sit, down and stay, and we have a strong emphasis on preparing your puppies to start walking calmly on a lead without pulling. We also discuss health, nutrition, responsible dog ownership and training beyond puppy school, and you will receive an introduction to Amichien® Bonding.
Classes are run regularly so contact Susan directly to enquire about classes that may be starting soon.

Puppy school can never take the place of a one-on-one consultation, and is not designed to do so, but you will receive a great deal of knowledge that will give you a general understanding of Amichien® Bonding which may help you identify the beginnings of problems and also give you some contacts so you know where to start if you need help in the future.