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In-home Animal Behaviour &
Dog Training Specialist


Good Manners Begin at Home

Looking for a simple solution to encourage your dog’s best behaviour, facilitate simple dog training and create harmony in your home? Petiquette specialises in non-confrontational, stress-and-gadget-free animal behaviour education – so you and your four-legged best friend can focus on the fun stuff, like long walks and fetch at the park or just relaxing enjoying time together at home.

Offering a revolutionary no force, no fear approach to animal behaviour with a qualified dog trainer and behaviour specialist, Petiquette diagnoses and provides simple solutions to problematic behaviour, and teaches dogs and their humans to properly co-operate and communicate.

Whether you’re looking for puppy training, help with dog-on-dog aggression, improving your dog’s manners, or advice on introducing your dog to a new baby coming into your home, Petiquette is here to help!

“Susan was really good, she made understanding pack Life a lot simpler. No questions were stupid questions and she really tried to get to know who your dog is.”

Amanda Jane Board, Christchurch

“I loved the puppy school. It was VERY interesting and totally made sense. Susan is very knowledgeable. Would highly recommend!!”

Gemma Crawley, Christchurch

“Susan is my behaviourist for my rescue organisation. She is amazing and I highly recommend her!!! She has worked with many dogs that have come from abusive homes and helped them to trust humans again and live the happy life the so desperately needed!! If it wasn’t for Susan then the dogs would have been put to sleep. THANK YOU so much Susan!!!”

Haylie Hatton, Selwyn

“Tui has just graduated from puppy school. Susan was brilliant and I love her way of training and how she taught Miss Tui she is not top dog lol thoroughly recommend.”

Mia Griffiths, Christchurch

“Who’s a Good Dog?”

Petiquette Animal Behaviour uses methodology developed over more than 20 years experience, involving the latest scientific research into dog behaviour coupled with your dog’s own language – it’s simply ‘Second Nature’.

This philosophy fosters trust and self-confidence in your dog, making it possible for them to relax and co-operate, de-stress, and making it possible to achieve practically paw-fect manners.


Puppy School

Looking for a great introduction to good manners for your fluffy, furry or curly-haired new companion? Our Puppy School classes are the perfect place for you and your puppy to learn basic training!


In Home Consultations


For a safe and stress-free solution to challenging behaviour, or to encourage better manners and create more harmony in your home, contact Petiquette to learn more about our range of In-Home Behaviour Consultations, tailored to suit your dog and your budget.


Advice for Life


When you book a consultation with Petiquette, you are never alone on the journey of life with your dog.  Choosing us means you have access to advice and support from our dedicated and qualified trainer, and the latest scientific research from around the world.

Industry Recommended

No matter what your dog’s breed, age, gender or circumstances, Petiquette Animal Behaviour offers easy solutions to ensure your dog can lead a stress free, happy life!

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